Valentine’s Night at Marshall’s on the Green 16 February 2018

Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine is celebrated yearly on 14 February, traditionally by giving flowers, chocolates and cards to loved ones. There are many ideas as to how and where Valentine’s Day began, and according to Christian tradition, Saint Valentine is not just one man but in fact several martyred Saints named Valentine. One such story is that of Saint Valentine of Rome who was a Priest and a Doctor. Roman Emperor Claudius II believed marriages stopped men wanting to go to war, and so they were outlawed. Saint Valentine of Rome would marry couples in secret but was caught, imprisoned and executed on 14 February. Another story is of a Priest named Valentinus who aided Christians under Roman rule. He too was jailed and executed on 14 February. However, legend has it that Valentinus fell for his jailer’s blind daughter and before his execution sent her a note signed “Your Valentine”.  By a miracle and Valentinus’ prayers, she gained her sight so she could read the note.

It was only in the 18th Century that Valentine’s Day started to take off in England and is now the second most popular time of year for sending cards, with around 140 million exchanged every year.

Unlike many occasions which change with time, the traditions of Valentine’s Day appear to have stayed the same, with the top five gifts being;

  • Over 40 million heart shaped boxes of chocolate are sold each year;
  • Greetings cards;
  • Going out. Many couples celebrate by going to see a show or going out to a restaurant;
  • Red and pink roses are the most common choice;
  • Valentine’s Day is the fourth most popular day to get engaged.

With couples always wanting to find new ways to spoil one another on Valentine’s Day, why not treat your better half to experience dining at Marshall’s on the Green, Sturminster Marshall Golf Course by Signature on Friday 16 February. We pride ourselves on using local, sustainable and seasonable ingredients, expertly prepared and delivered with a smile.

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  3. Moor Lane, Sturminster Marshall Golf Club, Sturminster Marshall BH21 4B


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